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  • Sell your Home in 29 days or LESS - GUARANTEED

    About The Program Our Guaranteed Sale Program promises results!

    Andy Richardson and his team of expert advisors has been selling real estate in the Wilmington area for 14 years and he knows this market well. Andy knows what it takes to sell a home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. This is why Andy offers to GUARANTEE to Sell Your Home in 29 Days or Less, Or He Will Sell It For Free!.

    Yes, there are some qualifying items for this offer of course. We have geared this offer in such a way that either way, you the client wins. If you sell in 29 Days or Less, you will be happy since that will be ahead of the market average, and the faster you sell, the more money for your bottomline. Should the worst case scenario occur, you still gain a massive benefit, you pay zero commission.

    Andy Richardson Team's Guaranteed Sale Program: A risk free way to sell your home. Before you even list with us, we prepare a comprehensive market analysis of your home, and agree on a fair market value.
    This value will determine the list price of your home, as well as the guaranteed sale price. You will receive this price up-front and in writing before we begin to market your home. Think of it as a risk-free insurance policy. Once you receive our written guarantee, you will have the security of knowing that your home is guaranteed to sell. In the unlikely event that your home does not sell within the 29 day period, we will continue to market your home for FREE until it sells!

    PROGRAM DETAILS: For complete program details, submit your information below or give us a call at 910-550-1000 

    Steps To Success

    STEP 1: EXPERT EVALUATION Our Guaranteed Sale Program begins with a full evaluation of your home by one of our expert listing agents. Our agents are trained to analyze market conditions, compare properties, and decipher neighborhood intangibles to determine the value of your home in today’s market.

    STEP 2: LIST YOUR HOME After agreeing on a suitable list price, our Team’s marketing machine kicks into high gear. We’ll create a listing for you with professional photographs, video walkthroughs, and state of the art virtual tours. Not only are our listings syndicated to thousands of websites, but our Video Blog, YouTube, and print advertising campaigns will maximize exposure to your listing.

    STEP 3: SHOW YOUR HOME Once your listing goes live, it will instantly attract attention from interested buyers. Due to our aggressive marketing approach, plus our innovative and well known programs (Guaranteed Sale Program, Elite Preferred Buyer Program, etc), buyers and buyer’s agents are excited and motivated to bring their clients to the homes we list. Pretty soon, the offers will start to roll in.

    STEP 4: SELL YOUR HOME Our Team of Experts work to maximize every showing, aggressively obtain feedback on every showing, and utilize salesmanship and innovative programs like our Reverse Offer Method. We are very successful at generating solid offers from qualified buyers that equal or exceed the listing price. However, our sellers always have the 29-Day Home Sale Guarantee as assurance that we are working hard for them to get them TOP DOLLAR.

    Contact An Agent For more information and to see if your home qualifies, please enter your info into the form below and one of our representatives will contact you.